Delivering the Beauty of Natural Skin

with Red Snapper Collagen Extract.

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Made in Japan. The World's First Oral Perfume Collagen.


Collagen made from the highest grade deep-sea red snapper fish.

Sujimi's collagen is made from non-artificially bred, non-genetically modified and is extracted from the deep-sea red snapper fish scale that lives 3000 meters below the South Pacific which is in a high-pressure, extremely cold, uncontaminated area.

Our formula uses patented collagen peptide which is a small collagen molecule and is also the only collagen that contains three peptide-level molecular weights for the best absorption rates.

Our skin brightening collagen combines many core ingredients in one drink to provide you with both beauty and health benefits.

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10-points Beauty Benefits of Sujimi Collagen

Firm Skin
Skin Moisturising
Skin Whitening
Softer Hair

The World's First Vacuum Tube Design That Makes Carrying Easier

Body Sliming
Breast Enhancement
Nourish Nail Art
Improves Immunity
Improves Sleep

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Professor Masahiro Tamura Explains Sujimi

Daibutsudo Pharmaceutical, JAPAN.

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